The Stylist with over 40 years in hair shares her secrets

“Judging at TrendVision for Wella in London was my favourite project. I was on stage as the only female judge among eight men!”

1. Which hair icon inspires you in your look, and why?

Tom For, I always love the stylings of his models for his collections. Edgy, sexy, rock chick vibes.

2. Whose hair would you most like to do, and why?

Two come to mind. Kate Moss, I would give her some GreatLengths [hair extensions] to enhance her hair, or Taylor Swift, he hair is always very safe.

3. What’s been your biggest hair mistake?

Dying my hair black many years ago when I lived in Sydney I changed it back to red straight away.

4. What’s been the favourite project you’ve ever worked on?

Judging at TrendVision for Wella in London. I was on stage as the only female judge among eight men!

5. How do you keep your hair in tip top shape?

Olaplex in everything. It’s a game changing product. Also regular toners to stop my strawberry red fading, these give it body and sheen.

6. What three haircare items do you always recommend to others?

Olaplex, large ghd tons and Redken spray Shine.

7. What’s your absolute hero product?

Redken texture spray, it gives “grit” without stickiness.

8. Are you a budget buy girl or a splurge, splurge, splurge?

Splurge, I always go for quality so I treasure the items and use them over and over.

9. Where do you get the inspiration for the looks you create?

Everywhere! Travel, TV, people watching, my clients; I love to recreate the images they show me. Anything is possible with the right skills and of course hair extensions. Which I’ve been doing for over 30 years!

10. What look would you like to see disappear forever?

Nothing really, everything has its place when done well. Only perhaps a male mullet has no place.

11. What inspired you to become a hairdresser?

I started as a salon receptionist then decided “I can do that”. I started working on hair shows and photo shoots in the 80s. Then along with salon training went to London to study TV and stage make-up. My specialty is the “overall” look.

12. Do you have a secret hair tip?

Yes if, like me, your hair is long wind it into a bun leaving out the front section. Then wrap the front section around the bun. In the morning when you take it down you will have smooth full waves.

13. What are the most common hair mistakes you see people make?

Not being brave enough to go for it. Brassy blondes are usually not lifted enough. Now, using amazing products like Olaplex in your lightener, you can push, then tone to get amazing results without damage.

14. What looks do you thins will be big this winter?

Ombre and natural looking hair is still huge. I’m doing a lot of “less is more” hair extensions to enhance the hair. Just a few at the sides gives a healthy balance.

15. What are you working on right now?

I’m busy working on clients and opening my new boutique hair salon in Dublin, on Grafton Street, combining my love of interior decor, hair and working with my brother Raymond a renowned stylist just back from 14 years in Sydney.

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